Have Questions? We have answers, if we don't we will find out, our goal is to always be learning about new practices and how we can improve our services to our clients... 

Question.....Do you do any sort of landscaping projects?   Also if you do landscaping are you familiar with xerilandscaping? 


Answer: Yes, We love helping our clients make their yards "Ideal". Not all yards work well with grass.

We are fimiliar with xeroscaping, it does cost a lot to intall but after that is is very low maintenance to maintain, and generally doesn't require a lot of watering as well. Jim is fimiliar with installation as well as maintaining the "slow drip" water systems for the xeroscaped lawns, and we do have a lot of knowledge about the plants and materials used as well. 

 Depending on the size as well as the materials you want to use cost can range from ($500-$10,000). but you save in maintenance (ie grass cuttings/ bushes trimmed) cost about $70-$140 per month)=$840-$1680 a year to maintain, this is reduced to a 2 hr clean up/ fertilizer maintance and maybe a hauling- about (2hrs of labor/cleanup- 2x a year) $200-300 per year. (plus water saved)...


 About a $1,500 + Savings per year.

 So what does MJ's do with the stuff that they hauled away from my property?

We recycle and Reuse many of the items, its important for us to help out the earth in anyway we can. Unless our clients *Specify* that they wanted their items to go to a land fill, we will give them away to needy family, recycle plants/materials to Habitat for humanities, craigslist- Free items or Freecycle.org. (All hazardous items/ non-recyclable items- will be taken to the landfill.)

We also pick up/deliver (For Free!- on your service date) to local Non-profit organization as well: Non-perishable food, bedding, towels, blankets, good clothing, un-used toiletries, office supplies, un-opened pet food, pet supplies, pet carriers/toys, working kid's toys, tools. All can be Divided up and given to our local charities. We take the time to go to Good Will, SPCA, Pinellas County Animal Services and Local soup kitchens.

So if you have been meaning to get that "junk" hauled and feel good about doing it, MJ's Hauling is right for you.