Current Services 

All year around Property Preservation 

(Please call for an estimate)

  • Lock out Services (with or Without a Security Key Box)
  • Board Up/ Property Security Service
  • Lawn Cleanup: mow, weeding, mulch delivery, tree trimming
  • Eviction/Move out Assistance, Trashouts and Debris Removal
  • Small Handyman work
  • Pressure Washing for home, decking, roofs, etc.
  • Professional Interior Cleaning and Deodorizing
  • Damaged/Unwanted Appliance Removal
  • Removal of All Personal Items, Furniture, Etc left behind
  • Bathrooms: clean- Vanity, Tub, Toilet (Replacement if Necessary)
  • Kitchen: Repair or Replace hardware
  • And More, Just ask...

 ********* New Pet Waste Removal*****************

Scoop Front Yard Also
Less than 10% of Pet clients want their front yard cleaned since most dogs stay in the backyard only.


Blow off Deck/Dog run area (Non-Lawn Clients)
Deck and/or dog run area blown clean (free service with lawn service)


Pet waste removal service (Lawn Clients)
Price per service, scheduled on your lawn care day. $3.00 extra for per dog.


Pet waste removal service (Non-Lawn Clients)
Price per service, scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. $5.00 extra for per dog.

(Service areas: St. Petersburg, Gulfport, Treasure Island, St. Petersburg Beach, Pinellas Park)


Recommended Lawn Care Services:

St. Augustine Customers- If Yard is maintained with water/Fertilizers/Pest control

Your lawn requires Weekly Services During growing months. Biweekly cuts during non-growing months. 


Florida Bahai/ native grass customers- If Yard is maintained with water/Fertilizers/

Pest control require Bi-Weekly Services During growing months. once a month cuts during

non-growing months. 


The  Relaxed Lawn- No watering/Fertilzer/Pest control-native grass customers- require

 Bi-Weekly Services During growing months. once a month cuts during non-growing months.

(No cuts if not growing).


 ***Minimum Service- Once a month cuts- ususally $10-15 more than a regular

Biweekly schedule price). Exa. Bi-weekly servies $25. once a month service

$35.00- $40.oo depending on Lawn growth)***


Lawn Care/ Maintenance

  • Lawn Cut
  • Lawn Edged
  • Lawn Trimmed
  • Hard Surfaces Blown Clean
  • Hedges Trimmed


Spring/ Fall/ Winter projects

  • Flower and Plant Bed Maintenance
  • Grass/Turf Installation
  • Small Tree Removal
  • Small Tree Trimming
  • Storm/Seassonal Clean-Up
  • Garden Prep/Installation
  • Soil/Mulch delivery
  • Debris Removal/ Hauling
  • Sod Replacement/ Delivery